Just one thought…

Golden rules of happiness:

First accept the truth
We can’t make each other happy, You make yourself happy. And I make myself happy if you thought we make each other happy then your happiness is Time dependent and short term.as Time passed your happiness fades away if it depends on others.

We think degree, job, spouse, children, friends will make us happy. Even God can’t make you happy.
We have temporary mind diversions to divert attention from emotional pain. It is like drugs.

Solution: Just be aware of thoughts
Just one Thought Away
Being natural doing what you like makes you happy. It requires least effort. Being natural is peace, love, happiness. But we must be aware of these natural qualities.

It doesn’t take years to change mindset. Just one thought of awareness. awareness of thoughts ,awareness of changes ,awareness of how u feel ,just focus on yourself not on others .nowdays we all focus on others what they think ,what they do,what they think about me.you don’t have to worry what they think about you ,you have to think about yourself .There are so many issues we face every day. It is not the issues but the negative reaction it creates within us that disturbs us. If we just accept the changes then we are happy.

Creating new Power or habits with ‘ awareness and will power’. With this you become powerful.
Everyone has the same will power. It depends on how much we use it. Same with every good human quality. The tragedy is that we are not even aware of our original qualities. It is like we have fortune we don’t have to depend for happiness from others. First, we must know that we have the power, then we must make efforts to open it. It is in the mind, we have the key. Only we can open. Others can only guide.

Balance of Thoughts: Just one positive thought is not sufficient and many negative thoughts won’t work. Consistent positive thoughts are required. Not just words, thoughts must be positive.you have to focus constantly on your thoughts.if you succeed to increase your positive thoughts everyday bases and decrease your negative thoughts everyday you start feeling little happy, positive ,energetic and this’ll increase everyday.

You can do it.speak loudly and proudly constantly I have faith in myself ,every day before going to sleep and at the moment t Tell yourself and others repeatedly. I can be happy. I have faith in myself.

to be continued ……………………………….

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