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How to be happy

Golden rules of happiness:

Stop Blaming :

You want to be happy than why are you blaming others.if you think, you are a strong person than why not take all the responsibility.would you really want to live in a place where everyone acted ,thought, do as you want and as you do ? I m sure ,first thought which would come in your mind is that you really want it ,you said this is it which you need most.but when you think deeply and consciously,I’m sure you will never ever want or think like this .you don’t want that place where everyone think same ,do same, act same.because you know it .it would be a pretty boring place ,where everyone is same.

Everyone has a unique nature, qualities, habits, unique thoughts.this uniqueness make us different from others.what makes us unique or great are not the things that we have common or same but the differences make us unique.otherwise everyone will became president if not than everyone will became peon.its so funny .thats why we should stop blaming and criticising others.

0So rather than criticising or blaming others why not we begin to respect differences.blame is one sided .it not about understanding what happened but about making the other responsible. Each and every time of our life we need someone to blame ,someone to thank .someone to criticise.we cants accept that everything that happens to us is our own doing.when problems occur, people don’t like to blame themselves because blaming others is easier.but you have to accept and learn to take responsibility yourself .so rather than blaming and criticising why not we begin to respect others uniqueness.

It’s not very weird or sad thing that you blame others but you make sure you never hurt others .but if unfortunately you did this than you should accept it.and try to fix it .train your mind to see the good in others and everything.because we choose happiness .

If you’ve been blaming your friend or your partner , be sure to apologize and express your love to them .it will bring the two of you closer.

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