Why ………regret?

If you know, you have only limited period of time what will you do? Most people don’t understand what life is all about until just before they die. You would definitely felt this feeling when you saw someone at death bed.mostly they regret but that time they can’t do anything because they don’t have much time.why is this happen?

While we are young ,we spend our days keeping up with social expectations.we are so busy to catch up life’s big pleasures because of this we miss little ones.

The whole life we run to catch materialistic things ,big success, big house ,all big we don’t want any less.we live in the time where we mostly have big house ,lot of money to spend but we don’t have certain number of peoples ,friends, relatives to spend time with you in your big house.we have everything but have less happiness.

We have to understand life is not a race so that we leave behind others and we go ahead .you are meant to have an amazing life .live your life fully.Live your life in such a way so that you would never regret .you must accomplish all the things you would love to accomplish.

if you want to travel ,want to learn dance, want to be musician then go ahead ,what are you waiting for.start doing things whatever you want and love to do.

Of course there will be challenges in your life but it’s okay because they help you to grow but you should know how to overcome problems and challenges .you must be happy at the end because you have an amazing life for a certain period of time.

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