Can little things change your mood?

One rainy day

A beautiful rainy day ….it’s pretty cool. Yesterday evening at 6 o’ clock ,I opened the door of my house and stepped out. Wow word automatically came out from my mouth ,it’s stunning … was spreaded all over the sky and when cold breeze touched me, I felt very relaxed and peaceful .

I couldn’t wait to see what will come next. Every plan had postponed that we made previously before I opened the door and at that time I had just want to go outside with my motorbike. I made my mind and stepped inside ,changed my cloth and took motorbike key than my most beautiful amazing evening began.

I can’t even tell you in my words how beautiful it was ,cloud was running with me and wind was running as fast as my bike speed . I stopped my bike in front of the lake and watched the amazing beautiful view. My hand became cold, cloud became more dark, it looked like rain about to start in any moment but I didn’t want to go back.

finally rain started and I enjoyed a lot because I like to get wet in the rain than I went to chay tapri and enjoyed hot chay in cold rainy day .i spent a great evening in the rain. Little things can suddenly change your mood .

3 thoughts on “Can little things change your mood?

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  1. Fun post, Anuneel. A lot of times we can change our perspective with one little thing. Cold rain might not be something we enjoy, but when we pair it with a hot cup of chay, suddenly it’s a perfect and comforting mixture. Your post is very true.

    – Joey Blue

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