Learn to enjoy your own company.

Learn to enjoy your own company :-

What Do you think, doing things alone is boring and bad because you think that you can’t do it alone.have you ever had the situation when you won the free ticket for movie or free coupons for lunch or dinner at some fancy restaurant and you have the opportunity to attend but you had missed it because you didn’t find someone to go with you

And have you ever wish that there was someone coming with you because You feel really bad and also feel fear but this is the feeling which you feel only first time when you go out.

I m damn sure once you come out your comfort zone that feeling will end That situation will change your mindset to focusing on the excitement and the gift of the amazing opportunity , it didn’t matter that You was going alone. You will realize that You are used to doing things alone and it is not that horrible that you thought in the past .You will realize that going alone is an opportunity to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone.

Doing things alone can not scary. Once You embraced that going alone was not a negative, You were able to thoroughly enjoy yourself and be in the moment. doing things by yourself is a art .The first step is changing how you feel or think about the situation. Instead of thinking oh my god it’s only me , even though we are social human being, we don’t have to do everything with people we know.

Spend time with yourself doing things you love does not require another person.yes of course some experiences are more fun when you are sharing the moment with someone you enjoy being around, but many things are as memorable when you are alone.

It’s my experience,Next time you have to go alone and be confident. Don’t decide not to go because there is no one going with you. Don’t focus on negative thoughts,take the chance to experience something by yourself for a change and personal growth.life is too short to wait for someone to go with your life journey ,you must enjoy the life journey whether you are with someone or being alone.

“learn to be alone and to like it.there is nothing more freeing and empowering than learning to like your own company “

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