Forgive yourself

We are human being and human being make mistakes ,it’s normal as long as you don’t keep making same mistakes again and again.Accept them and learn from your mistakes and move on .keep moving because those mistakes are essential for our growth and progress.

it is not necessarily to keep blaming on yourself for your past mistakes. I m sure it might not be that easy but you have to try because until you not forgive yourself ,you’ll trap in that situation forever .If you want to do a fresh start first you should stop blaming and forgive yourself.

you don’t be so hard on yourself.If you’ll think ,you’ll realize that your past might have filled with so many mistakes but you’ll realize that you learned a lot from your made mistakes that’s by you became a better person in each area of your life(professional and personal relationships).

no matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress,you are still way ahead of everyone who is not trying ..Always Remember You are not alone ,Everyone makes mistakes ,things don’t happen for no reason they happen to teach you something .

2 thoughts on “Forgive yourself

    1. thank u ,agreed.forgive others also important .if you have the courage to forgive yourself you also have the courage to forgive others too.


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