Do you capture happy moments?

Hi guys, This is my another blog post. It clicked in my mind when I was taking a picture of awesome hill view in my recent holiday trip. This was not the first time I was taking pictures, I always keep doing this.

Sometime I thought why I m taking so many pictures, enjoy the present moment but in next moment I forget my previous promise and again I started taking pictures because I also knew that this is the moment which I want to experience so many times not only single time.

A single photograph tell us a whole story about that time or that moment. Our mind might be forget that moment but photographs remind us everything whenever we see those pictures.You would be surprised how good you will feel when you see the album of your pictures after many years.

Capture the moment doesn’t mean it can only capture by camera, it also can capture by our mind. If you feel that moment more than five minutes ,I m damn sure you’ll never forget that image or your that time feeling.

I remember my childhood , I used to visit my mama’s home where all cousins gathered on the occasion of summer vacation. We all spend our entire summer vacation together. That was the best time for everyone.

That time we didn’t have cameras usually.only photographers used to take pictures. But we all have memories, images. Whenever we want to remember those moments, we remember them easily, because we all spent a quality time and had felt it deeply. We can’t forget that pictures. They have been stored in our memory.

Photographs capture and stored life’s beautiful memories so that we can re-live them as the years go by. So take lots of pictures and record the best time of your life. I have so many photographs that is not just photographs they are my golden memories which I want to live again…again..again..and again. Collect pictures that have made you smile.

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