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Be happy

What is happiness? We have already read so many articles about happiness. And in my previous posts I talked about happiness but this is a very big topic we can’t cover it in a few posts.

Happiness do exists in present moments. It’s not related to future because there is no future. Of course present again will come when we will reach in the future. It will repeat again and again. We can’t catch future that’s why we can’t say that I will be happy when I’ll get which I want most. This indicates that happiness comes when you get what makes you happy.

Most of us think that we will be happy in future when we will get what we want But Do you think that would be right. I don’t think so…..

Be careful, about your definition of happiness, because it’s all depend on it. Materialistic happiness will take you to a place of sadness because it is momentary. When we feel sad, the one common thing is that it’s impossible to go from sad to happy instantly.

When we feel sad, we are more likely to want to withdraw and not do anything. We tend to disengage from everything that is going on around us.

first thing you need to do is identify what activities that you do or would like to do that brings you joy and make you feel happy.

The only way we can start to feel happy again is to take action and start doing things again. You have to try if you’ll not try, nothing is gonna change.

We can’t avoid the feelings of unhappiness developed by hurt, disappointment . However, we can deal with them in constructive ways that will help avoid excessive suffering.

It is so important to know what happiness means to you because when you know this, you will have meaning and purpose in your life. This is what brings to your life the experience of happiness and the feeling of joy.

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