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Place of peace…..

Do you have any kind of place where you can go easily and get some peace? Where you can just sit quietly without any distractions and disturbance. I m sure you would have this kind Of place. This is the place where we can visit anytime. Whenever we need some peaceful time.

Whenever we visit this place, we should do some activities which we ignore in our busy time. Those activities will develop our inner peace. Activities means something which you like to do but you could not because of busy routine.

This place could be anywhere. It could be your terrace, a chair in your garden, your table with some fresh flowers, your balcony with nice view , evening with cup of tea, peacefully watch moon at night, just sitting on the couch, small walk around Gulmohar tree, your favourite temple etc.

Everyone has own unique ways to relax, refresh and to get peace. I m damn sure you would feel amazing at that time. That is the place where we can take break from our daily energy consuming works. That is the place where you can regain your energy.

“Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding ” -Albert Einstein-

“Peace is it’s own reward ” -Mahatma Ghandhi-

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