Reward yourself ……why are we waiting for?

Why are we waiting for someone who give us reward? Let’s suppose if no one find out our victory than what should be do? Most of us have the same nature about rewards. Most of the time we want to rewarded by someone else. And that’s why we wait for the long time. Life is not too long so that we can wait too long.

We have to celebrate our personal victories because no one else understands what it took to accomplish them. Only you can understand the importance of your victory and only you know that what it took to accomplish them. That’s why ,Don’t forget to reward yourself.

When you reach your goals acknowledge your win and try to celebrate your victory. No matter your victory is too small or too big, you must celebrate your victory. Too often, we don’t give ourselves credit for the good choices we have made. Remember to give yourself credit for the things you are doing well.

Victory leads us to reward and Reward leads us to happiness. When we achieve something which we want passionately. How happy we usually are at that time. We can’t even explain that feeling in words. So why are we waiting for. Celebrate your victory with happy heart on your own way.

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