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Yesterday I found some of my old paintings. Those painting reminded me old time, old memories. You know what……………., memories never get old because whenever we remind it……….,it comes like movie. We able to enjoy easily, we able to feel easily, we able to live easily.

Painting is one of my hobby since childhood. I love painting colours , I love to see how colours change from one colour to another colour ,when we mix it. At the end colour mixing plate looks as if it becomes a rainbow.

You know what………………., painting is not just a simple work. It starts with imagination, painting first paint in our mind then it paints on canvas. I feel like I have a universe inside my mind. That time I live in my imaginary world.

Painting is like painter’s imagination which spread on canvas. My mind become silent and relax ,my heart feels peaceFul , when painting is complete, my heart fills with unlimited joy, peace and happiness. Actually I can’t tell you what I feel in those moments. I don’t have words to explain. That is my Most amazing feeling.

At the end I would say I feel complete. That time I feel most peaceful. Painting is a source of endless pleasure.

I want to share those paintings πŸ–Ό

33 thoughts on “I PAINT MY IMAGINATION…….🎨🏞

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  1. Truly loved your beautiful imagination on canvas.
    Agreed that all colors mixes together in our mind first then canvas. You are a fantastic Artist in all sense.

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    1. Thanks for such a lovely comment😊. You said that You can’t paint but I don’t think so. You are a writer, you paint your imagination ,thoughts which become a poem. This is also an art. As Leonardo da Vinci said that β€œpainting is poetry that is seen rather than felt,and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen” !

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