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Courage to be different…what’s that mean ?

Have you ever had a really boring and depressing conversation with someone? Did anyone ever told you to change yourself? Because they think you are too shy, you are too frank and your dressing style are too different. And did anyone ever suggest you, how to talk, how to walk, which type of clothes you should wear. I think everyone has these type of short stories when they had faced these type of questions. I don’t think so this should be happen.

Everyone is different. Everyone has own unique qualities. Why should I become one of them. Everything start with courage. Try to be yourself . Being yourself means remove all the characters and changes influenced by others which we placed on ourself. It is who we naturally are without the fake mask to impress others.

It is important to love and accept ourselves for where we are at the moment. We should not suppress our true nature in order to please others. If you watch a small child , you will notice just how free they are and how little they care about what other people think of them. They are happy in that moment.

If you really want to get in touch with your inner child, try to be yourself, feel free to do anything, Play, have fun, enjoy the moment. We only live once. But It is a big challenge because We care so much about being accepted by others. It can be happen by taking tiny steps. it can be happen with courage to be different. Than you will realise that who We naturally are without influence by others is also perfectly fine.

We should have known that our unique qualities, talents, are given to us by god for some reasons and certain purpose. we should not sacrifice for who we not are truly. Will it be easy to be yourself? Things will be difficult initially but continuous trying will make things easy. Eveything starts with courage to take stand and keep trying.

Nothing will change if you not try.

“Do not let someone else change who you are , you are perfect just the way you are”

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