Why ???

In the way of journey of life, when we feel we are getting older and realise that we don’t have much time than we start feeling so many things which we don’t understand before. We realise how important each and every relationships  for us. We start looking into small things deeply, I mean we start... Continue Reading →

Silent killer

Silence is good if it can calm your mind or take you to the level of peace. Silence is healthy for relationships in certain limit but if it goes beyond limit, it can destroy our relationships. We think that silence is better than unnecessary conversation, I also agree with that in certain limit. But we... Continue Reading →

Be Inclusive - By Neel.R (Guest Post) We live in such a diverse society which means we have people with different age, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, education, marital status, language, and physical appearance. You can't deny anyone's thoughts or view or opinion about any matter. Everyone can be correct on their... Continue Reading →


Forgive others is as important as forgive yourself. Why is this so important ? Why can not be just let it go ? So many questions like this comes up in our mind. We think that why forgive someone is so hard. Because that time our heart says.......forgive him/her but our mind says......No stop it,... Continue Reading →

Happy and healthy relationship is the key of successful life . Everyone wants to be successful Life and have happy and healthy relationships but things changes over time. In the beginning every relation looks good but not in the future. why is this happens? Sometimes we don’t realise that what did we do wrong? What... Continue Reading →

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