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Silent killer

Silence is good if it can calm your mind or take you to the level of peace. Silence is healthy for relationships in certain limit but if it goes beyond limit, it can destroy our relationships. We think that silence is better than unnecessary conversation, I also agree with that in certain limit. But we should know that When we repeatedly choose to be silent, it becomes our habit. This habit of being silent can be dangerous because it can never be able to give you same peace or calmness , Instead of peace this type of silence can give you a lot of loud noises ,overwhelming thoughts.

If we look around us, We often see lot of people and couples. They seems happily married couples from outside but when we enter in their little world, everything seems fake and superficial. They look happy because they never disagree with each other, they never argue with each other, they never fight with each other, but in this scenario one person is always dominating and other only obeying. If you never be able to disagree with your partner, or even you can’t put your Own point of view in-front of your partner…..…perhaps you are not being honest with your partner or in your relationship. Most of them don’t even realise, what are they doing with own relationship.

Silence is a slow toxin for us and for our relationship. Actually we think that we are trying to save our relationship by doing this. But this will not gonna happen because silence is slow killer, whenever it will cross own limit. Silence can slowly take us to the door of isolation, Maybe we feel alone and isolated. On the same time, unintentionally we can affect everyone around us . It can destroy everything.

Silence can never save our relationships because deep down… you know the truth very well…deep down you are the one who suffering from pain ,you are the one who carry the lot of burden of being silent , and you know the truth very well, this silence only for superficial which only can see by peoples around you but you know that …..deep down in your mind, In your heart you keep listening lot of noises which can never stop even in your sleep. This is the truth which you know very well then why are you trying to put fake mask on your face of being happy.

You are the only one who know the whole truth that’s why you should take the first step……unfortunately no one can help you if you don’t take first step. I know it’s hard but everything is possible if you take first step. Talk to someone that……what you feel and explaining why you do. Not suppress your feeling because over time they will affect you physically and emotionally both. If you want to avoid this situation, you have to start express your feelings….with someone who can you trust like your husband, father ,mother, friends……….A single phrase “you are not alone” is means a lot especially when you are in darkness.

I m sure you don’t want to ruin your whole life…….so just start talking. You can analyse the situation when or why you stop taking? why did this happen? If you know that your relationship was good and happier before then I m sure you have the chance to improve yourself and your relationships.

Distance doesn’t separate people, silence does.


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