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Be Inclusive – By Neel.R (Guest Post)

We live in such a diverse society which means we have people with different age, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, education, marital status, language, and physical appearance. You can’t deny anyone’s thoughts or view or opinion about any matter.

Everyone can be correct on their view so you must have inclusive behavior.

The word inclusive means to include others or another. When inclusivity relates to people on an interpersonal level, it means:

1. Covering or including everyone.

2. Open to everyone: not limited to certain people.

3. Including the stated limits and everything in between.

Inclusivity is when you do acceptable actions toward a friend, family member or colleague so they feel valued and accepted.

This behavior typically makes you very well gentleman and people around you starts loving you. No one feel alone or untouched when you are with them.

Your inclusive behaviour makes happy environment around you where your friends, Family, colleague will feel free to share new ideas, suggestions, and opinions. And all of these generate a confident and strong society.

On other hand Exclusivity behavior makes weak and separated society. Exclusivity involves actions, words or positioning that excludes individuals, groups or organizations.

As humans we all have qualities of exclusivity. Ironically in itself. Being excluded can also take on at a deeper psychological, and even physical level causing mental anguish or separation anxiety.

On a personal level โ€” at some point in your existence youโ€™ve been rejected, undervalued, taken for granted. Many individuals focus their lives on breaking down lines of religion, politics, race, gender, societal positioning and more.

We can however be more inclusive and accepting of other humans even if they have different beliefs and values.

After all, What I wanted to say that BE INCLUSIVE makes healthy society and everyone has to have inclusive behavior in nature.

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