Problem v/s opportunity

Whenever we face problems in our life, What is our first reaction? Most of us, Immediately start complaining.

  • Why did this happen to me?

  • What am I going to do now?

  • I had plans, but now everything is ruined.

This is our first response after we face problems. As we all know, We are human being so this kind of response is natural. We usually react that way.

After initial response, when we get some time to rethink the situation than we realise that we don’t only have problem, we also have a choice to make. It’s a new opportunity which has came in the form of problem.

When we’ll deeply analyse the problem, we’ll see, on the side of problem always a new opportunity is there.

A problem may point out an improvement. We can improve certain areas of our life. Until we have not face problems, we never think that way, we can also learn new things in our life.

I want to tell you a short past incident so that you can easily understand what I m trying to say. This is a story of my friend’s father who used to work in a private bank.

My friend’s father who had became very disappointed and stressed when he heard about shut down of all paper work. And also heard about a new machine (computer) . They said now all work will be done in a new machine instead of paper work.

My friend told me everything about what happened after that news disclosed , about changes in father’s behaviour , about his fear.

That was his first initial response but after 2-3 days he regained his strength and he started thinking about what should he do. Should he Just sit with fear and think about why is this happen to him? Or start a new chapter of his life with learning new things. He started thinking in that way.

Within fifteen days he had went back to work with lot of confidence and you won’t believe that now he take all the advantage of technology and also active on all social network sites.

Now, let’s talk about our life. Have you ever had a experience where a negative situation turned into something positive situation?

Probably you were lost your job or had breakup with someone after that you landed a better position than before which you could not imagine before. Or one day you found out that you have some health problem and you went to a hospital and doctor found that you are perfectly fine, it’s just a seasonal fever. But after that situation you started exercising and also started to take healthy diet.

If we deeply analyse the problems, difficulties which we have faced, I’m sure, We’ll also find the benefits and experience from them. Positivities are always there if we look for them.

I’m not telling you that when problem comes to you, you deny your emotions or refuse to face reality. What I m saying is don’t immediately judge your situation. sometime you won’t be able to instantly spot the benefits that will come from being in situation but it does exist.

We can see our problems as negative and become depressed about them. I’m sure this approach will only make things worse. If we pick the other approach, we can see the opportunity in our problems or we can learn a lesson from our problems.

Believe it or not ,our problems are there to serve us ,not to depress us.

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.”

“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.”

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