How to be happy

Everything Happens Here(In the Mind):

Dependency on others creates fear. Mind is fickle. The only way to control it is by engaging in good acts that are beneficial to all. Peaceful mind works slowly, cautiously. When we are worried, angry, thoughts are very fast.

We can never switch off mind, not even in sleep. Our negative and waste thoughts are due to influences:

1. Past experiences Negative information leads to negative thoughts.

The situation is a trigger. The information is filled inside.

It is important to be positive in the morning and just before sleep. 10 minutes of good reading before sleep is very beneficial. Then review the events of the day. Don’t sleep with unresolved issues. Review how you responded and see if it could have been better.

The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness.happiness is the goal of our life.most people think that happiness comes from becoming successful and having good relationships.however this is a mistake success ,relationship,health,wealth are result of happiness not the reason of happiness.When we are happy ,we are more likely to make choices that leads to all theses things .

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