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How stress affects your life

Today, I am gonna discuss about stress ,how it affect our life .Stress relates to anyone and everyone no matter the situation you will have some sort of stress whether it goes or bad. “Stress is your body’s response to changes in your life. Because life involves constant changes like changing locations from home to work each morning ,some annoying thoughts which comes up in your mind ,hurt by someone which you love most ,related to job workplace, in your marriage etc.

If you have too much stress it can affect your physical and mental health in bad ways. Stress can cause headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis depression, and anxiety. Emotional symptoms of stress include crying, irritability, And stress can also show up as negative behaviors .

If stress is high which you can’t control than you Should visit the doctor and because of it, seventy-five percent to ninety percent of all doctor visits are caused by stress-related ailments and complaints. Though stress is apart of normal everyday life it can do horrible things to your self-esteem and other aspects of life in general. Ways to avoid stress work ahead of schedule and don’t wait till last second to do work. By working ahead of schedule and not waiting till last minute you eliminate stress a lot quicker and the stress does not build up. When you let stress build up you are basically letting stress control your life and when you let that happen you start to shut down with depression and anxietyu need to find a way that suits you to relieve stress as long as it is not harmful to your body like drugs and alcohol which only temporarily relieve stress. When people stress lots of times they look for substances and that is why smoking cigarettes are so common from a young age. Young people stress and they find smoking calms them the first time so they continue to try to get that original stress relief they got from the first cigarette until it turns into an addiction which is never good. Another way to manage stress is never planning overlapping events because you rush for everything and you stress because you are late. If caring about what others think of you stresses you out then you should not care what you should care about is what you think of yourself and yourself only not what other make you think of yourself.

Again stress is a very common factor in everyone’s life that affects everyone in different ways . you may think your stress only affect your health they can affect everyone around your health too. make sure you do not hurt anyone around you .and try to reduce your stress because it will never take you at the right path .you should found a way to escape from your stress .in next post We will discuss about how to overcome from your stress .

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